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2 Questions To Ask About Delivery Times When First Contacting A Propane Gas Delivery Company

If you have recently moved into a new residence that uses propane gas for its heating system and/or appliances, you may be looking for delivery services in your area. Since this is the first time you have ever used propane for home use, you may have many questions about the pricing and amounts that will be delivered. 

Along with these questions about pricing and delivery amounts, you should also ask questions about the timing of the deliveries. Below are a couple of questions you can ask about delivery times when first contacting a propane delivery company to help get you started. 

1. How Much Notice Will You Need to Give the Company for a Delivery When You Notice the Propane Level Is Getting Low?

One question you should ask when signing up for propane delivery is about the amount of notice that you need to get them. When the gas is first delivered, they will show you how to keep an eye on the level so you know exactly how much propane you have left.

When speaking with the representative, ask them at what level you should call for a refill. They will give you the approximate numbers as well as how many days they will need to get a standard delivery to you after you call.

2. Does the Company Have a Plan for Emergencies in Case You Run Out or Have an Issue With the Tank During Off-hours?

Another question to ask when speaking with the delivery company has to do with emergencies. Even if you try to keep an eye on the propane levels, you may find that you run out during the night, over the weekend, or during a holiday.

You may also find that you have enough gas but are having issues with the tank. Ask the representative if they have plans for such emergencies as well as the time frames for when you would expect assistance. 

When you sign up for propane delivery for the first time and speak with a representative, asking the above questions about delivery times can help you plan ahead by knowing how much notice you need to give once you notice the tank has a low level. It can also give you peace of mind to know that they have plans for emergencies in case you run out or have issues with the tank during off-hours.

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