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Why You Should Buy Printers From An Office Use Printer Supplier

When shopping for office printers, you can either source them from a retail office equipment store or an office printer supplier. 

Both options provide you with access to quality printers. But an office use printer supplier can prove to be the more beneficial option. Hence, here are three reasons to buy office printers from an office use printer supplier instead of a retail office equipment store. 

Access to Different Printer Brands

Most office equipment stores have a limited variety of printers in inventory. The limited printer variety is because most retail office equipment stores are affiliated with specific printer manufacturers. As a result, most office equipment stores will only have the printers supplied by the manufacturer they affiliate with. Hence, you don't have many options when choosing a printer brand. 

Office use printer suppliers are not usually affiliated with a particular printer manufacturer. As a result, office printer suppliers can get printers from different manufacturers. Hence, they have a wider variety of printer brands in their inventory. 

So, if you want access to a wide variety of printer brands, an office use printer supplier is your best bet. 

Unbiased Advice on the Best Printers

Because office equipment stores only stock printer brands they affiliate with, they often provide a biased opinion of their printers. Besides, they have to hype their printers to make sales. Hence, most office equipment stores will provide you with a partial view of the best printers to buy. 

But office use printer suppliers have a much wider variety of printer brands than office equipment stores. As a result, they have first-hand information on which printers are the best for your office needs.

Office use printer suppliers are not affiliated with any printer manufacturer. Hence, they have no reason to hype a particular printer brand. 

Hence, an office use printer supplier can provide an unbiased opinion on the best printers to buy for your business. 

Better Prices 

If an office equipment store does not have an affiliation with a particular manufacturer, they source their printers from a printer supplier. But, when the store sells the printers to you, they have to include a price markup to profit from the sale. Hence, when you buy printers from an office equipment store, the prices are higher than those of a printer supplier. 

Nonetheless, office use printer suppliers buy printers directly from manufacturers. Hence, when you purchase printers from a supplier, the prices are more affordable because they do not include a retail markup. 

Thus, if you want to save money on printer purchases, buy your printers from an office-use printer supplier.