Finding Better Business Partners

The Best Way to Vet New Employees

Trying to find the good applicants in a sea of mediocrity can be quite challenging for any business, particularly if you work in an industry that is attractive to the bulk of the population. However, you still need to find good employees just like everyone else. Many companies simply allocate a couple of people to go through and check every single resume to separate the good from the bad before handing over the few standouts to their boss. Luckily, nowadays there is a better method than this that can help you speed through the hiring process and get a better outcome.

Automated Reference Checking Platform

One of the problems many employers have when looking for new blood at their company is that people will simply apply without having any skills or training that are necessary for this position. The first thing an automated reference checking platform can do is eliminate these people from the pool as well as any other candidates who don't meet the minimum requirements that you are trying to find. However, these automated reference checking platforms do not end with just a simple binary yes/no response to all applicants, they can be programmed to be much more in-depth than that.

Curated Surveys and Questionnaires

While resumes are certainly helpful, by using curated surveys and questionnaires you can find out a lot more of the qualities that you want to know about potential employees without the fluff that can sometimes pad their application materials. Everything can be examined, from questions of capability to broader questions about working in a team and an insight into their education and background. Through this process you can eliminate even more candidates who might have looked okay on the surface but with some minor digging were found to be out of their depth.

Creating the Final List

Once you have whittled down everything to the final few contenders you can now begin to contact them personally and conduct interviews. The automated reference checking platform does not totally remove the human element of the hiring process, it just ensures that the people who you do see for the position actually have some qualifications and could fit the role they are meant to. This can save you countless hours staring at resumes littered with buzzwords and things that the applicant thinks you want to see, rather than what they can actually do. 

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