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Well Pump Services To Keep Your Well In Good Condition Over The Years

Having your own water well is often a necessity when you live in the country or on a farm. Wells can provide pure water from deep in the earth, but you need to keep your well in good condition so the water can make it to your faucet. You may need the following well pump services so you always have water when you need it.

An Annual Well Inspection

An annual inspection of your well checks the entire well system including the quality of the water, the well cap, the electrical system, and the pump. It's good to have the pump inspected annually to make sure it isn't having any problems that could lead to a pump failure when you least expect it.

If the pump is on the surface, it can be inspected visually to make sure it isn't corroded and that it is lubricated and in good shape. The well can also be monitored for overheating and obstructions. A submerged well isn't as easy to track, but you or the inspector might suspect problems if the pump has an odd sound.

Pump Repairs When Needed

Submersible pumps are durable and need little care except when they develop problems. Since the pump is down in the well, it isn't usually brought up for maintenance unless it is to make repairs. Then you need to call a well pump service to pull the well, diagnose the problem, and make the needed repairs.

A pump that's above the ground is a different type of pump. You may need to schedule service for it every few years or when the annual inspection reveals a problem with the pump.

Pump Replacement Services

Your well won't supply water without a pump, so when the pump dies, you'll need to have a new pump put in promptly. However, if you watch for signs of water supply issues and odd noises, you might suspect the pump is going bad so you can call a well pump contractor to replace the pump before it fails.

Maintaining the pump is just one aspect of keeping your well in good working order. The well system has several parts, and they all need to work to bring water to the surface. If there is no water coming from your faucets, the pump might be to blame, but there could be another malfunction that needs to be isolated and repaired.

Since the water from your well could impact your family's health, it's a good idea to call a well pump service for help when there's a change in your water quality or when your system develops a change in the way it usually sounds or works.