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Prepare for a Virtual Santa Visit

Children deserve to feel hopeful and happy during these uncertain times and communicating with Santa Claus could have a bearing on how a youngster perceives the upcoming holidays. If you previously were accustomed to bringing your kids to a local mall to visit Santa, using a virtual service will allow you and your children to carry on the tradition of speaking with Santa during the holiday season.

Pre-Recorded or Live Sessions

A virtual visit will require the use of an electronic device that has internet access. Your children can view and listen to a pre-recorded message or a live one that involves interacting with the Santa Claus character who you hire. Some services offer personalized visits that are more detail-oriented than a standard one-on-one conversation.

With this type of service, a parent or a guardian may be requested to reserve a time slot for Santa to speak with their children. Questions will be presented that pertain to what each child's name is, their recent accomplishments, and a list of some of the items that they are wishing to receive for Christmas.

The details that are provided will be incorporated into a virtual visit. Because the Santa character will verbalize personal information during the conversation, the experience will be very realistic and your children may remain focused on their interaction with Santa.

Some Extra Features

A virtual visit does not need to end abruptly or involve solely speaking about the upcoming holiday. Some companies that offer virtual services have prepared holiday packages that will allow children to get a glimpse of what Santa's workshop looks like.

This type of virtual tour may begin with a conversation with Santa and will follow with a guided tour of Santa's home and the workshop where his elves work hard to make toys each season. Children may have the opportunity to view Santa's reindeer and to meet various characters who work behind the scenes. Christmas decorations and a snowy landscape that is displayed throughout the footage will get your kids in the holiday spirit.

If you usually have photographs taken of your children while they are sitting next to Santa and would like to continue the tradition, seek a service that offers an online template. The template will allow you to choose a background that features Santa. You will receive guidance on adding a photo of your kids, to provide the illusion that each picture was taken with Santa.

For more information, contact services that facilitate virtual Santa visits.