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3 Must-Have Promotional Tools for Gyms

Letting your gym speak for itself is not enough to promote your facility, especially when most communities have many gyms or other fitness facilities that are competing for members. There are several promotional tools you need to increase visibility of your brand and attract members.


One of your best assets will be a professional website. Since many people will look for gyms online, the public may not know you exist without a website. This is also your opportunity to give visitors to your website all the information people typically want to know before they join. A major feature that is often left off gym websites is the cost of membership. People would rather know the price upfront instead of taking the time to visit only to find out membership is beyond their reach. You should also use your website to showcase all the amenities you have to offer, rather than simply listing everything. Take the time or invest the money in high-quality photos of the environment. If you have specialty areas, such as a juice bar, sauna, or cryotherapy, be sure to elaborate on why these features are special and separate you from other facilities.

Social Media

Your social media accounts are promotional tools because they enhance branding and give your facility personality. Go beyond simply showing your facility and posting membership specials. This is your opportunity to post pictures and video showing exercise classes or have your instructors and trainers discuss different topics on your social media accounts. Additionally, use your social media accounts as a customer service tool. Inevitably, people will have questions about your facility. You want to have someone who can answer questions in a reasonable amount of time and moderate the accounts to remove spam or other potentially malicious content. The more active your account, the more likely people will follow you and consider your facility over the competition.

Promotional Products

There are almost infinite products you can use as promotional tools for your gym, but it makes sense to use the most relevant. For example, private label bottled water would be an excellent promotional tool since everyone drinks water. Consider donating the water to events, such as marathons, where you can hand bottled water to participants at strategic points throughout the race. Since the participants will be more focused on the race than the label on the bottle, you will need to use vivid colors and a large logo associated with your business for it to stand out. Make sure you are also handing out water at the finish line, which is a point in the race where participants are more likely to pay attention to your branding. Other promotional tools that can work well are drawstring bags and t-shirts, since both could be used at your facility.

Much like other types of businesses, you will need to put in the time and effort to successfully promote your gym. By strategically using your website, social media, and promotional products, you can put your brand in front of a larger audience.