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Why You Should Have A Home Inspection Done When Preparing To Sell Your Home

When you purchased your home, you might have had a home inspection done as a buyer. Now that you will be selling your home, you might be planning on leaving the home inspection process to the people who will be buying your home. Instead of doing that, think about using a home inspector's services before putting your home up for sale. This is something that some sellers do for the following reasons:

Get a Better Idea of Your Home's Value

Right now, you might not be totally sure of how much you should sell your home for. You probably know what you paid for it and what you still owe on your mortgage, if applicable, but you could be unsure of how to set pricing when putting it up for sale. With a home inspection, you can get a better idea of the condition of your home, which is definitely something you should keep in mind when setting the price.

Advertise the Home More Accurately

When advertising and marketing your home, you should be honest and upfront about the condition of the home. If you have a home inspection done before you start advertising your home for sale, you can include information from the home inspection when writing up listings or talking to potential buyers.

Know What Types of Repairs Need to Be Made

In many cases, it is worth your while to make repairs and improvements to your home before putting it up for sale. You might not know which repairs and improvements to make, though. To start making these decisions, consider having a home inspection done. Then, you can determine if structural repairs or repairs to plumbing, wiring or household systems need to be taken care of. You can also talk to your real estate agents for tips and advice about things you can do to make your home easier to sell.

Make a Deal More Quickly

If the buyer has to have a home inspection done, and then talk to you about problems with the home before making the purchase, it can take that much longer for you to sell your home. If you're hoping to sell the house quickly, getting things like the home inspection out of the way can be a good way to do so.

Offer a Perk for Buyers

Many buyers may see the fact that you have already had a home inspection done as a positive thing. This is just one way that you can potentially attract potential buyers.

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