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Entice Hotel Guests with Your Homemade Candy Line

Adding a homemade candy line to your hotel gift shop's wares can be a great way to entice guests to stop by the store. The scents of chocolate, peppermint, or toffee wafting throughout the premises, matched with decorative boxes that are used to house the sweet delights, may be beneficial marketing tactics that will help the newest additions become sensations. 

Order Boxes for the Products

Loose candies wouldn't be a hit with many people, and selling them in this manner could be seen as unsanitary. Boxes will make each sweet treat seem truly special and will protect fragile candies from sunlight and heat. Rigid or foldable boxboard products that contain foil wrapping, embossing, lettering, or floral patterns are some popular candy box styles.

Reflect upon the products that you are featuring and the names that you have assigned to the items. These details will help you choose a boxing style. For example, if you have chocolate and peanut clusters as one of the products and this type of candy originated in your grandmother's kitchen many decades ago, you could use a vintage theme for your box design and could have some basic printing added to each box that is representative of the name that you have chosen.

Another example would be if you plan on selling truffles or another type of fancy candy that people may not indulge in as often, a foil-wrapped box or a box that has a satin bow secured to it will give the product a refined appearance.

Choose Custom Features for Some of the Boxes

Do you have some products that you would like to sell in a group, such as small chocolates, wafers, or candy-covered pretzels? When boxing multiples, having items separated by type and labeled with a specific flavor will make it easy for your consumers to see what they are getting with their purchase. Built-in dividers can be added to custom boxes so that each candy type will be secured inside of the enclosure.

If all of the products are going to be grouped together in a box but you would like to give your target audience a sneak peek of what types of candies are enclosed in each box, have a custom cutout added across the top of the box. Select a unique shape for the cutout that will be representative of your gift shop's name. 

For more information, call a business that can make candy boxes for you to use, such as Brimar Packaging U.S.A.