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How Hiring A Coffee Service Makes It Easy To Keep Your Office Stocked With Coffee And Supplies

If you manage an office, whether it's large or small, you know how important coffee is to your clients and employees. However, stocking supplies can be time consuming and if you run out of coffee, it can be an office disaster. The most convenient way to keep coffee flowing in your office is to have it delivered by a coffee service. Here's why you should consider this option.

They Provide The Equipment You Need

If you have a large office building, you may need several types of coffee machines placed in convenient locations around the building. You may want a large-volume coffee maker for early morning use as well as single-cup makers for use throughout the day. Single-cup makers are popular among coffee drinkers because of the wide flavor variety available in the pods. While you may not stock a large variety of flavors, employees can bring their favorites from home so they always have their favorite coffee to get through the day.

The Service Keeps Your Coffee Stocked

You'll need bulk coffee as well as individual pods for your machines. The coffee service delivers what you need so you won't run out. You can order a variety of types of coffee so your employees and guests can choose what suits them in case they have a preference for decaffeinated or caffeine. The company can provide a variety of brands too, so you can wow your clients with high-quality coffee. You can even have beans delivered and grind them yourself for the freshest flavor. The service may also provide different types of tea and hot chocolate drinks that can be made in the coffee makers. This gives your clients and employees the best assortment of beverages and having beverages on hand makes a fantastic employee perk.

They'll Handle All Your Coffee Supplies

In addition to the coffee itself, you'll also need to keep supplies stocked in the lunch area or near each coffee pot. This includes things like cream, sugar, and coffee stirrers. By keeping your office stocked with all things related to making and drinking coffee, including cups, your employees will always have that much-needed coffee, and by hiring a coffee service, you won't have to bother with shopping for supplies, transporting the goods, or stocking the supply shelves. Hiring a coffee service is the convenient way to make sure one of the most vital office supplies never runs low.

If you've never used a coffee service before, start with a consultation. The service can help you determine the type and number of coffee machines your building needs, the amount of coffee you should have delivered, and the frequency of delivery based on the number of employees and clients that visit your office.