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Four Benefits Of Switching To A Beverage Delivery Service

When it comes to stocking your office break room or waiting area, it can be difficult to keep up with daily or weekly trips to the store. A beverage delivery service can provide a host of solutions to meet your office's needs without having to run out to the store for supplies. Here are some of the many benefits you can expect when switching to a beverage delivery service.

Equipment Rental

Instead of having to purchase new equipment as your coffee makers, water dispensers, and carafes wear out, you can rent equipment from your beverage service. This option helps ensure you always have equipment that is in good working order, and it also lets you upgrade to new equipment without having to purchase the items outright. For example, when a new single-batch brew machine with espresso functions hits the market, you may be able to rent this equipment to test it out and see how well it works to meet the needs of your staff. With flexible equipment options, your break room and waiting room can remain on the cutting edge of delicious beverage technology.

Water Cooler Maintenance 

Beverage services go beyond just the break room. Your service can provide water delivery on a regular basis to keep water coolers throughout the office filled and ready to go. This means your staff won't have to rely on individual bottles of water at their desks, which can have a negative impact on the environment. Instead, staff members and customers alike can enjoy fresh, filtered water throughout the day. Ask about renting water coolers that feature hot water options so employees can make a cup of tea or hot cocoa at their desks.

Beverage Analysis

One challenge offices face is knowing how much coffee, tea, or water to buy every week. A beverage service can provide an analysis to determine how much you should be ordering on a weekly basis, as well as which types of beverage work best for your office. Perhaps your staff prefers a particular brand, or maybe your staff drinks more tea than coffee. Analyzing how your staff and your customers enjoy beverages can go a long way toward reducing waste and extra expenses.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is having your water, coffee, tea, and equipment delivered right to your door. Your beverage service can provide regular deliveries and maintain the equipment in your office. This means your staff can focus on getting more work done and less time running out for supplies or trying to fix that one coffee maker that always seems to be on the fritz.

Talk to your staff about what they would like to see in the break room, and partner with a beverage delivery service to provide the warm and cold drinks that keep your employees going throughout each workday.