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2 Tips For Cleaning The Ducts Beneath Your Home's Air Conditioning Vents

If you are getting close to turning on your central air conditioner, you may decide that you should try to clean out as much dust out of the ductwork as possible. If so, use the following tips for cleaning the ducts directly beneath your home's vents.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Suck Out Dust and Cobwebs

After sitting for months, your home's ductwork has probably accumulated a thick layer of dust and may have a few cobwebs formed in the corners. Before you wipe out the vents, use your vacuum cleaner to suck out any excess dust and cobwebs.

Using your vacuum cleaner will not only make it less messy when you start cleaning the ducts with rags, but it also helps you remove any residual pollen or other allergens resting on the surfaces. If you have anyone prone to allergies in your home, use a vacuum that has a HEPA filter to trap them so they are not triggered by airborne allergens.

Also, before you use your wand and brush attachment to vacuum out the ducts, make sure they are tightly fastened to one another to keep them from falling down the hole. If you have a loose connection, use tape to secure it.

Wipe the Inside of the Vents with Bleach Water

Once you have vacuumed out the excess dust, allergens, and cobwebs, wipe the inside of the ducts with bleach water to remove any residual dirt. The bleach in the water can also help neutralize any remaining allergens, as well as kill any germs or mold spores that may have contaminated the surfaces.

To mix your bleach water, mix one part bleach with three parts warm water in a gallon bucket. As your rag, use a cloth with a smooth surface, such as a cloth diaper, so that it does not snag on any screws or pieces of ducting that may be sticking up.

Wipe the inside of the ducts are far down as you can comfortably reach. Before you place your arm down the hole, however, make note of any sharp edges or screws so you can avoid cutting yourself while you are cleaning the ducts.

While using the above tips can help you clean the part of your ductwork directly beneath the vents, it does not remove dust and allergens in areas you cannot reach. For a thorough cleaning of your home's ductwork before turning on your air conditioning, schedule an appointment with a residential cleaning service like Memorable Air Care, LLC to have them clean the entire system.