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Tips For Getting A Video That People Won'T Scroll Past

When you publish a video on YouTube for any reason, you want it to be something that people don't scroll past. On a video platform such as YouTube, users can quickly scroll from video to video and may easily overlook something that doesn't catch your eye. Should you decide to hire a video production service to put together your video, you're already making an investment in it — and this means that it's even more important for people to click on. Here are some other tips that you'll want to discuss with your video production professional.

Choose The Right Length

There are plenty of video experts with differing opinions about the optimal length for your video, but you'll generally find two things — if it's too long or too short, users may scroll past it rather than stop to view it. Of course, too long/too short is in the eye of the beholder, but a couple points are worth noting. If your video is just a minute, for example, a potential viewer may feel as though it lacks value; if it's too long, this may be too big of a time commitment for people. One approach is to keep the video from about four to 12 minutes in length, which gives you a considerable window to work within.

Have A Professional Thumbnail

The thumbnail for your video might seem small and insignificant, but it goes a long way toward capturing peoples' attention and preventing them from scrolling past. Instead of just taking a random screen capture and using it as your thumbnail, consider asking your video production professional to make a custom thumbnail for you. It should include a captivating image that is representative of your video's content, and having a few key words on the thumbnail can further attract peoples' attention.

Don't Go For A Trendy Title

Many video uploaders on YouTube fall into the trap of choosing a trendy title with the intention of drawing people in. Unfortunately, things such as "You won't believe what happened" and other similar sentiments can immediately alienate people who will purposely avoid clicking on your video to watch it, because they think that you're using click-bait tactics in an attempt to trick them. Create a sensible, informative title that represents your video — in essence, go for substance over style. Your video production professional will be able to talk to you about some ideal titles to consider.

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