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3 Tips For Preparing Your Old Wood Furniture For Long-Term Storage

If you plan on storing some of your wooden furniture in long-term storage, you may worry about keeping it in good condition until you need it again. If so, use the following tips to prepare your old wood furniture for placement in a self-storage unit.

Place the Furniture on a Pad or Thick Blanket

The first thing you should do before placing your wood furniture in the storage unit is to prepare the floor on which it will rest. To protect your furniture from scratches on a concrete floor, put some padding down to cushion the wood from the harder material.

Ideally, a furniture pad should be used, as it contains firm cushioning. However, if you do not have a furniture pad and have no desire to buy one, use a thick blanket or comforter instead. Just make sure you smooth out any large wrinkles that could make the furniture unstable.

Apply a Thick Coating of Furniture Wax

Once you have prepared the floor, position your furniture where you wish to place it. Then, apply a thick coating of furniture wax on the wood. Do not do this before you move the pieces into the storage unit, as the wax can make the wood slippery and increase the likelihood of you dropping it.

The wax helps protect the wood in two ways. First, it seals in moisture so that the wood does not dry out. Second, the furniture wax keeps water and condensation from marring the piece with water spots and rotting out the wood.

Cover Each Piece with a Sheet

After you have applied a thick coat of furniture wax, cover each piece with a sheet to add an additional layer of protection. The sheet will keep dust from gathering on the surfaces. It will also help protect it from scratches if you decide to place a box on top of it or if something falls on it.

When you drape the sheet over the furniture, tuck the ends loosely underneath the legs. This will help keep it in position, as well as protect the legs of the furniture from dust and impact if something glides into it while you are accessing other items in your unit.

Using the above tips can help keep your wooden furniture protected until you take it out of storage. For more information about preparing your furniture and other items, speak with a representative at the self-storage unit facility like Gorst Self Storage for further guidance and personalized advice.