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Using Custom Shipping And Boxes To Further Your Brand Identity

Every aspect of your business and your product is often branded. But what about your custom shipping and packaging? There are ways to customize even your company's mailing boxes, to further improve your brand awareness and customer relationships. Here are just a few ways you can improve your brand identity through your boxes and packaging.

Brand the Outside of Your Boxes

Rather than getting generic mailing boxes, consider branding the outside with your company information. Your recipient isn't the only one who is going to see your boxes. Your package could be seen by dozens of people as it gets to its destination. If your box is reused, this will further increase the number of people exposed to your brand and logo. 

Consider Multiple Use Boxes

Boxes that have some additional uses are more likely to remain in a customer's home and on their mind. Sturdy shoe-style boxes, for instance, often remain in a home to store other items. Some boxes can be reversed and folded into a new design, which can be used for displaying items or simply storing them. There are many creative customization options, especially for niche products. Some boxes may even have "cut out" tools, such as rulers.

Think About the Packing Materials

Patterned packaging tape, brightly colored packing peanuts, and customized labels are all examples of other eye-catching products that you can use to create a memorable experience for your customer. If your company has specific colors that represent it, you can use these colors throughout the interior of the box. This will reinforce branding in your customer's mind while also creating an attractive presentation.

Make It Easy to Open

The easier to open your custom mailing boxes are, the less frustrating it will be to the customer. This also reduces the chances that your box could be damaged while being opened, thereby improving the chances that it could be reused and continue to "live" within their home. Consider boxes that have flip-top lids, which can be sealed with a sticker or small amount of packing tape. This reduces the amount of material you need to use while also making the product easier to use as a whole.

Don't forget the environmentally friendly, sustainable options; corporate consciousness is becoming a major trend, and many customers want to see businesses that are socially engaged. By getting customized, branded boxes, you can further spread your company culture and develop closer relationships with your customer base.