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Where You Should and Shouldn't Hide A Spare Key

Everyone has a bad day every now and again. On those days, the last thing that you need is to be locked out of your home. Whether you left your keys inside the house or you lost your house key throughout the day, you need to know that you have a spare key somewhere so that you can safely get inside your house. However, you also need to ensure that your key is hidden somewhere that isn't obvious to thieves. With that being said, here are some ideas on where you should and shouldn't hide a spare key.

Where You Shouldn't Hide Your Spare Key

Beneath the Welcome Mat

Due to the fact that the majority of burglars will enter through your front door, and that the doormat is the most common place for a spare key to be hidden, your home's welcome mat is the absolute worst place to hide a spare key.

Inside Your Wallet

Many people tend to think that keeping a spare key on their person is a great idea. While it may not be the worst idea, who is to say that you aren't going to lose your wallet? Because, hey, it happens all the time to people, especially on bad days! If your wallet ends up getting stolen or found because you lost it, they will end up having your house key as well as your home address thanks to your driver's license.

Under a Flower Pot

This is similar to the welcome mat idea. Once a key is not found under the doormat, the next place that a burglar is going to check is underneath flower pots and other items on the porch. While it sounds like a great idea in the beginning, it is just an insecure place to hide your key.

Where You Should Hide Your Spray Key

With Your Dog

The one thing that all thieves hate is dogs. When someone unfamiliar approaches your home, a dog is going to bark. If that person gets near the dog, the dog will bark even louder. Therefore, if you hide your spare key near the dog, such as underneath the dog house, it is going to be safe.

In Your Car

Since the majority of burglaries occur during the day when you are away from home (and at work), you should consider hiding your spare key in your car. A good idea is to hide the key in a magnetized lock bar that you can hide underneath your car that is not visible to passersby. If you aren't home, your car isn't at home nor is your spare key.

Behind a Temperature Gauge

There are inexpensive temperature gauges that can be purchased that are fully functioning, yet have a hidden storage compartment behind it where you can hide your spare key. Burglars will be none the wiser and assume that it is simply a thermometer.

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